Storyrider Books

Graphic Design by Ashley Quackenbush
Photographs by Anilehs Soraway and Storyrider Books

"Ashley's delightfully playful book cover designs, attention to detail, and devotion to whimsy bring to life the animal friends in Pop-in-Pop-out Illustrated Storybooks®."
— Mike Scott, Founder Storyrider Books

The photos below are from a recent (June 2015) trade show.
Storyrider Books: logo design, graphics, eight book cover designs, and interior layouts by Ashley Quackenbush.
Photos by Mike Scott, Storyrider Books.




Storyrider Books is a book company dedicated to fostering children's imagination, creativity and writing skills through interactive book designs. The design mission was to create a new identity, stationery set, and brand system for Storyrider Books, and to develop a integrated visual system for both the Pop-In-Pop-Out Illustrated Storybooks and the Print-on-Demand book series. I designed a visual system for the eight book cover designs that capture each book's unique content while providing a unified system that will be able to be applied to any subsequent books in the future.