Biomimicry Book

MISSION: To design a 40-plus  a book on a chosen topic that showcases an effective type system, original photography and 15 infographics that illustrate the book's data. The book was designed with the casual scientific enthusiast in mind.

INSIGHTS: Biomimetic design sounds complicated in theory, but its something that everyone can understand. The topic encompasses endless real life applications that a large audience would be interested to learn more about. Designs, concepts, and illustrations can simplify this seemingly complicated information to appeal to a much broader audience than scientific and design communities alone.









TACTICS: I delved into the topic through a variety of books and scientific research papers on the latest analysis and applications. I found numerous topics to cover in my book and opportunities to create infographics that illustrate smart design functionality found in nature. I visited the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco where I learned more and took my original photography of plant and animal life. I did reconnaissance out in nature to find plants and other natural elements that I could photograph and build type system concepts off of to illustrate principles discussed in the book. I put myself into the shoes of a casual scientific enthusiast, while designing the infographic illustrations of the book's content — Illustrating concepts in a way that is clear and accessible to understand.