MISSION: To design a poster and print materials to inform and inspire a range of creatives to attend a lecture series by renowned contemporary architect Frank Gehry. The target audience included students and professional creatives from a range of backgrounds.

TACTICS: I researched key milestones and projects of Gehry's career and observed and recorded his design process, approach, and philosophies. His sketching and prototyping pro-
cess stood out to me as truly unique from other architects. Ghery is an abstract artist, not so concerned with the technical as he begins a project, but an idea and a shape. From scribbles on paper, to prototypes including toilet paper rolls, folded cardboard, tin foil, clay and wire














Gehry gives the basic structural framework to his future structures. I wanted to capture that essence and thinking through creating my own prototypes from common materials.

INSIGHTS: Ultimately students and professionals want to know how a great architect creates their work. Focusing on aspects of Gehry's creative process gives students and professionals a window into his recipe for success. I capitalized on this desire in my conceptual design.

ASSUMED PERSONAS: Researcher, historian, curator, creative director, production artist, and photographer.