Dry Creek General Store Rebrand

MISSION: Revive the Dry Creek General Store brand by researching and developing a contemporary identity design that pays homage to the stores roots and local culture that's flexible enough to extend to many possible futures for the company.

TARGET: The target audience are local and visiting design savvy individuals, that love artisan goods and farm to table principles and products, and have a high appreciation for quality and craft. They have an interest in food and wine and the wine country lifestyle.

TACTICS: To develop a new brand identity for the Dry Creek General Store, I researched the history of the store, visited their location and noted their current product lines, environment, aesthetic, and surroundings. I photographed the store's interior, exterior and surrounding envi-
ronment and took observational notes on the current customer base. I spoke with the staff to learn more about the history that wasn't available online.






INSIGHTS: Through my research and eye-witness observation, I noticed a disconnect between how the store presented itself as a brand and what they truly offered their customers. Though the Dry Creek General Store offers a wide range of contemporary, artisan, and well-crafted items that enhance the Northern California Wine country lifestyle and experience, their image was dated and didn't reflect a cultured and design savvy audience. My goal through the creation of the new brand identity and guidelines was to create a clearer connection from their image to their offerings so they would be able to expand their visibility and customer base.

ASSUMED PERSONAS: To gather intelligence on the Dry Creek General Store, I had to take on the role of photographer, Journalist, demographic analyst, and behavioral analyst. I put myself in the shoes of current and potential customers to consider their perspectives and interests.